Singapore Marriage Counselling

We always think we do not have any problem and thank God for his benevolence and love. But is it true, are we healthy? Health is restricted to physical wellness but mental and psychological fitness. When it comes to mental fitness, we find ourselves ignorant or try to be ignorant. Counsellor Singapore believes that counselling is not about mental illness and it extends its arm beyond that. Marriage counselling is an example of successful marriage. We do not realise and keep fighting over small issues that often lead us to courtroom,  couples counsellor sometimes spare you from court room confrontation and help in restarting life fresh and with hope.

Counselling is a therapy which involves talking between a counsellor and the client. Counsellor Singapore is of the opinion that many a time our understanding about a relationship cease to exist and we start taking restless life with family members as a part of family life. They help couples to assess what is important to each individual and create a unified view as a couple which goes a long way in navigating issues of family planning, time management, family/work priorities, and others related to family, friends and in-laws. Couples become prey of miscommunication or lack of time to talk. This is not a healthy sign. We must recognise the importance of quality and quantitative time spent with our partners.

Love blooms if we are ready to give an ear to our spouses’ concern and thoughts. Couples counsellors use an integrated and experiential approach to help improve client couple’s relationships and they also help in identification of problem. A few of the reasons for couple counselling  include emotional unhappiness, lack of love in relationship, communication issues, divorce or separation concerns, desire to improve the relationship, arguments or anger, sex or physical affection differences, trust on partner. Couples whether married or in committed relationship can benefit from timely counselling which can help them to resolve conflict, increase intimacy and improve communication skills.

Marriage counselling has proved its edge in bonding couples planning to get married, newlyweds or honeymoon couples. Counsellors encourage understanding values and belief about marriage and the role of a husband and a wife in a marriage. Couples can benefit extensively form the counsellor’s skills and ensure a successful marriage. They help couples prepare for a successful future and ensure happiness in a relationship through some practical and emotional theories. Workshops are conducted to help couples in need!

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Singapore is Waiting for You

Singapore!!! As you take the name smile comes on everyone face, as it’s a name of luxury convenience, attractions, glory glitter and fun the place has immeasurable attractions to do, in this amazing and versatile land, Singapore that yet natives are in spite of everything still astounded at the astonishments this kingdom has to launch. Singapore may come into sight unimportantly minute on the globe but don’t be duped by its extent – this tiny is convinced to bunch a knock! Here are some of the top things that are not to be failing to spot. So it won’t be wrong to say that Singapore welcome its guest with open arms and you can get to this with our cheap flights to Singapore.

Swing to the Singapore Sling: It is a popular cocktail drink, the specialty of Singapore which has been there over the decades the drink is also known as the Drink of mystery as the recipe has long gone was first made by Chinese bar tender at the Hotel Raffles one of the five stars in Singapore. So enjoy this blend of aromas and you never know you might be able to unlock the secret recipe of this amazing drink

Chili Crab: Visiting Singapore and not having exciting great quantity of sea food on your menu that is just on, and specially for the people who have taste for food Singapore offers one of the finest Singaporean Cilli crab, the dish is proficiently geared up, fried, and then overwhelmed in heavy, spicy, syrupy and pungent gravy and trust me If you haven’t had a flavor of this amazing dish Chilli Crab, endeavoring it is somewhat that you ought not neglect out in your journey on your holiday to Singapore

Cruising down Singapore River: Another very interesting thing to do and experience in Singapore is to bound on a bumboat and be responsible for a unhurried cruise along the length of the Singapore river as you have a high regard for the impressive vision of mature stalls for shopping and colonial structure all along the river shore and the compare of Singapore’s contemporary sky touching horizon. As you take note to the on the ship explanations, attempt imagining the confused panorama of near the beginning colonizers manufacturing a livelihood on this identical river, which is at the moment serenely tranquil.

Wet Market: The one of the very exceptional and fascinating thing that Singapore has to present is it Wet market. This is not like other typical markets which can be come across almost every where is Singapore in fact it’s a super market with the idea of being in open air and without air conditioner and then consequently wet, the basic concept and why Singaporean wan to shop from this super market leaving behind all luxurious markets is due to the freshness of the goods sold at the market.So what are you waiting for get to all this freshness with our cheap flights to Singapore right away!!!

Hawker Food and Local Fare: This is a very well known fare of the city because of its exciting cooking festival that can be found at the Hawker Centers spread everywhere. The extensive selection of this eye-catching festival is a justification good quality an adequate amount for one to twist hooked on greediness. And jus don’t stop thinking about to endeavor out the Singaporean specialty such fired honkiee Prawn Pee, Chiken Rice, Rojak, Laksa, and etc etc the list is never ending but you need to try it to believe it with our cheap air fares for your budget.

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Singapore Auditing Services

If you have a company in Singapore, you definitely require the assistance of tax accounting firms Singapore for financial statements preparation, accounting, taxation, preparation consolidated accounts and auditing. The financial statements and accounting will then be subject to annual audit by licensed auditors in Singapore. Hence, it is important to find the right professional firm to assist in handling your Singapore audit accounting.

Annual Auditing

Most companies require annual audit. The financial statement preparation as well as preparation consolidated accounts done by management will be audited by licensed auditors. Professional firms are able to assist management in the preparation of financial statements and consolidation of accounts. Due to constant change in the law and regulation in accounting, you are advisable to seek assistance from professional firms. The financial statements and accounting will then be subject to annual audit by licensed auditors in Singapore. Hence, it is important to find the right professional firm to assist in handling your Singapore audit accounting.

The Right Firm

To find the right professional firm to handle your Singapore audit accounting, the firm has to be well established and reliable. It has to be run and managed by Certified Public Accountants, or CPA’s, who have the right credentials as well as expertise in handling the annual audit of your company. These CPA’s should also have years of experience handling such matters. The financial statements and accounting will then be subject to annual audit by licensed auditors in Singapore. Hence, it is important to find the right professional firm to assist in handling your Singapore audit accounting. Finally, the fees should be affordable. It should not cost you a fortune to hire them to do your annual audit.

How to Find the Right Firm?

One of the best ways to look for the right accounting firm in Singapore to handle your annual audit is to check in the internet. But, before you hire any firm, be sure to ask them for references or speak to existing clients of the firm. This will assist you in assessing the reliability and quality of the service. It has to be run and managed by Certified Public Accountants, or CPA’s, who have the right credentials as well as expertise in handling the annual audit of your company. These CPA’s should also have years of experience handling such matters.

Lcc global a leading Singapore audit accounting firm providing services for Company Formation In Singapore, Full on professional assistance and Tax Compliance Services and relaxation in tax, audit also.


Singapore Company Registrar Services

Do you need someone who can help you incorporate your Singapore company? Do you want to experience a trouble-free Singapore company registration? Are you looking for a trustworthy Singapore company registrar?

Good news! Today, we have the most competitive, reliable and efficient company registration specialist in Singapore. We give you RIKVIN as the answer to your questions above. You can proceed by immediately contacting their team (65) 6438 8887 or by visiting them in 20 Cecil St. #14-01 Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705 (Next to Republic Plaza and Raffles Place MRT).

Below are some of the services of Rikvin:

· Company registration for foreign individuals, foreign companies, Singapore residents and Offshore companies.

· Processing of work visas such as Employment Pass, Entrepreneurs Pass, Personal Employment Pass, S Pass, Training Pass and Miscellaneous Pass.

· Assistance with ACRA compliance, IRAS compliance and licenses and permits.

· Filing and processing of corporate tax, personal tax, non-residents, Goods and Services Tax, Withholding Tax and property tax.

· Accounting services including bookkeeping, Estimated Chargeable Income, eXtensible Business Reporting Language or XBR, Director’s report/audit and payroll.

· Corporate secretarial

· Nominee services

· Virtual office

More good news for local and foreign entrepreneurs! Rikvin has recently launched a new set of standard for their delivery system. A new approach is called “60 minutes” express company incorporation or company registration service. This new service further strengthens Rikvin Consultancy’s position as an “end-to-end” solutions provider in the industry.

This express service enables companies in need of urgent incorporation to have an operation-ready business, with all registration procedures completed and necessary certificates on hand, within an hour. This is made possible with a direct on-line access to ACRA’s business registration process. However, note that this new approach will only be possible if there are no delays in business name choice and processing of specific permits and licenses.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Rikvin. They will be very pleased to serve you!

“By continually delivering complete, efficient and quality pre- and post-incorporation solutions to our customers, we hope to reinforce our position as a one-stop business services and solutions provider in Singapore.” 

Rikvin provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof for Singapore company registration, assistance to form a Singapore company, accounting, tax, work pass and related compliance services for individuals and companies worldwide.


Singapore Travel ? Top Attractions

Singapore, an island country with 63 islands is one of Asia’s most visited countries for the variety it has. Since the inhabitation in the Second century AD, this land has been a destination for all activities and advancements. Luxury, comfort, leisure, excellent landscape, economical standard of living, culture, language, Education, career growth and what else? Singapore has in its own all these qualities that make it a unique destination for travelers. Singapore Travel is something you need to explore more about!

When you explore the hi-tech destination, you shouldn’t miss any of these attractions

Sentosa Island: Sentosa Island is just 10 minutes away from Singapore and has sandy beaches, theme park and anything that you have for adventure, pleasure, silence, thrill and enjoyment. It’s an iconic island that attracts folks from all corners of the world to the perfect blend it has. Sentosa Beach, Sentosa Merlion, Sentosa underwater World, Sentosa 4D Magix, Sentosa Luge, Tiger Sky Tower, Songs of the Sea, CableCar, Fort Silosa and many more make this island one of world’s most sought after tourist attractions. Spending time in the beach, events, hotels, clubs and playing games are something any tourist shouldn’t miss.

Singapore Flyer: Singapore is the proud host for world’s tallest giant Ferris wheel ‘Singapore Flyer’ which is located near the shore of Marina Bay. It was constructed over a three storey building in 2005-2008 and opened to the public in March 2008. It is a wheel with 150m diameter that offers city views and radial views up to 45 km from the center. The giant wheel has 28 air conditioned capsules each holding 28 passengers.  

Singapore Zoo: Singapore Zoo is one of Asia’s largest and best zoos known for its location and animals. Fondly called the Mandai Zoo by the Locals, this zoo features different species of animals and follows an open zoo concept. Landscaped enclosures house animals in the spacious environment separated from tourists by shrubbery, wet or dry moats. The zoo train transfers visitors between the park and zoo. Children play at Rainforest Kidzworld totally themed like a wonderland in water.  

Singapore is home to a number of temples, mosques and religious centers. It is Asia major hub for international transportation and is well connected to different world destination through air and sea routes. The arts sports and recreation, education, economy of the country is excellent.

It is great to be to Singapore in one’s lifetime. A stay in the country would give you the real pleasure of an island. Singapore travel should be a must in your travel itinerary!

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What Is Singapore Entrepreneur Pass

Singapore is considered as one of the best place to invest because of its strong emerging economy and its prime location for trade, promotion events and formal business operations. According to Rikvin, a leading corporate solutions agent in Singapore, the country has established enough confidence to capture the attention of businessmen and has well promoted their free trade philosophy.

Since a lot of businessmen are considering Singapore to be their business location, Rikvin has prepared their services for visa applications. One of the most needed permits is Singapore Entrepreneur Pass.

The EntrePass is designed to facilitate the entry and stay of entrepreneurs who are ready to start a new business and be actively involved in the operation of the company in Singapore. The EntrePass, with an initial validity period of one year, will be issued upon the approval of a sound business proposal. The EntrePass also allows the immediate family members to live in Singapore while the business develops. With the EntrePass, an entrepreneur may leave and re-enter Singapore frequently with ease. It is renewable for as long as the business remains viable.

The following are the minimum requirements for Singapore entrepreneur pass:

A well-drafted, 10-page business plan detailing Incorporate a company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority no more than 6 months at the point of submission of the EntrePass application
Own 30%-100% of shareholding in the company
Have relevant experience and track record in creating and managing successful businesses
Provide S$ 50,000 and above in paid-up capital for the new company
Submit a 10-page business plan detailing business goals and objectives. Renewal of EntrePass is contingent on achieving goals and objectives outlined in the business plan
In addition, the following documents should be presented in Singapore entrepreneur pass application.
Singapore EntrePass application form 8
A copy of educational certificate
One passport-size photograph taken within the past three months
A copy of the passport personal particulars page
MOUs or contracts with potential clients for the new business, if any
Brochures, press releases, or any other business collateral from previous or existing business ventures
A well-drafted, 10-page business plan detailing business goals and objectives (download Singapore EntrePass Business Plan form)

Rikvin provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof for Singapore company registration, assistance to form a Singapore company, accounting, tax, work pass and related compliance services for individuals and companies worldwide.

A Guide to Singapore Rent

Your main concern will be Singapore Rent if you have to go there for an extended, yet impermanent stay. This usually applies to people from other countries who have found a job there, those who have elected to study there, or even natives of Singapore who would like to lessen their commute to their workplace.

In such instances, living in a hotel is impractical and expensive. Also, it doesnt provide a very homey ambience, which a lot of people feel is important. Renting a cozier, more down-to-earth abode gives one a more settled feeling. That is why renting a house, hdb flat, apartment, or condo is usually what people go for.

A great way to get started is to find yourself a real estate agent. He will be best qualified to find you your ideal residential place, catered to your preferences. Make sure before you hire an agent that he is listed in a certified housing agency and not a fraudster. In Singapore, he has to be a member of the Institute of Estate Agents.

All you have to do is specify exactly what type of property you imagine yourself living in. The agent will do his best to find you a place that meets the majority of priorities on your list, so be as specific as you can. Allow for a few alternate options and some flexibility in case the place you picture does not actually exist. For example, your dream house might ideally have a master room and a fabulous kitchen. The agent might end up showing you one with the latter but not the former. Or you may seek an apartment that doesnt have a common room and a wonderful view from your window. The agent might locate one that does have both, but a terrific veranda on top of it all. Prepare yourself to compromise for such eventualities. He might show you something you never knew you wanted, but find that you do.

But dont allow yourself to get carried away. To prevent yourself from going over-budget because you are swept away by the beauty of a house that has so many things you dont even need, make a list of your basic priorities first. Here are some factors you should take into consideration.

Important Factors When Renting a House

-Location is essential. You should aim to find a house that is within reasonable distance from your school or workplace, or the venues of your other daily activities. Otherwise, you will find yourself spending too much on transportation expenses. Also, it should not be too far from shopping areas, banks, grocery stores, and other places you will need to visit occasionally.

-The size of the house is important. Will you be living alone, or with the whole family? This will determine how many bedrooms you need.

-Which facilities are most important to you? If you are into sports, you might want to rent a condo that has sports amenities. If there isnt one, you could find a place that is near to a sports and recreation complex.

-Decide if you want the house to be pre-furnished. This might add a little to the expense.

-The budget is one of the most important factors. You will be paying on a regular basis, so make sure you can pay comfortably without compromising your basic need.

Making the Transaction

When you and your agent have chosen the house, it is time to seal the deal. Some of these may be subject to negotiation. If you are renting an HDB flat, you have to wait for approval from the HDB Branch Office before you are allowed to sublet it.

Finally, when you are satisfied with your choice and all the deals have been signed, you can start packing up your things. Your Singapore rent experience can finally begin.

Planning to rent in Singapore? Discover Roger Thompson’s online articles and learn more about Singapore rent.

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About Singapore Company Compliance

All businesses in Singapore are required to abide with post-registration requirements. They are obliged to comply with the statutory requirements stated in the Singapore Companies Act. They should always be operating in compliance with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

The following are some of the requirements for new and existing businesses in Singapore:

Financial Year End – each company in Singapore has to determine its Financial Year End (FYE). The FYE is the completion of an accounting period. A company’s financial year-end does not necessarily need to fall on December 31, and can actually fall on any day throughout the year.
Appointment of Auditors – all Singapore incorporated companies must appoint an auditor within 3 months from the date of incorporation, unless it is exempted from audit requirements
Company Registration Number Disclosure – Singapore Companies Act requires every company to have the Company registration number, known as Unique Entity Number (UEN) on all business letters, statements of account, invoices, official notices, publications, etc.
Notification of Changes – it is the company’s responsibility to update the Registrar (ACRA) of any changes in the company pertaining to the company, shareholders, share capital and officers within the stipulated time. Failure to do so will incur penalties.
Registered Office Hours – All Singapore Company must have a registered office address in Singapore and the office must be opened to public for minimum of three hours per day during normal business hours on weekdays.
Central Registration (CR) Number – If your business activities involve import and export or Tran-shipment in and out of Singapore, your company will need to register with the Singapore Customs and obtain a CR Number.
Singapore Goods and Services Tax Registration – Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax on the supply of goods and services in Singapore and on the import of goods into Singapore. Goods exported from Singapore and international services provided from Singapore are exempt from GST. The current GST rate is 7%.
Registration of Singapore Central Provident (CPF) & SDF – The Central Provident Fund or CPF is a compulsory pension fund scheme in which the employer and employee contribute a percentage of the monthly salary to the fund. CPF contribution by the employer is mandatory for all local employees who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents earning more than S$ 50 a month. The maximum CPF contribution rate for employer and employee is 14.5% and 20% respectively and can be lower depending on certain factors such as employee age, permanent resident status, etc.

Rikvin provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof for Singapore company registration, assistance to form a Singapore company, accounting, tax, work pass and related compliance services for individuals and companies worldwide.

Singapore Company Incorporation

If you want help with Singapore Company incorporation, you will need to seek out a professional firm that has experience with these matters. This will make your company incorporation in Singapore quick, easy and hassle-free.

Elements of incorporation

These are many aspects of company incorporation in Singapore. Depending on whether you want incorporation of a Private Limited company or a Public Limited company, the procedure will vary greatly. Sole proprietor registration is also different from limited company registration. You will need to register a company name and get it approved. You will also need nominee director Singapore registration. There are many other legalities and formalities that will need to be taken care of.

Why You Need Experts?

Typically, company incorporation in Singapore does not very long. But, if you are unaware of the exact procedures and document requirement, you will end up spending a lot of time and effort in getting these aspects correct. Considering the large number of formalities required, it could take you months to complete a procedure that would normally take just a few weeks. In the meantime, you will not actually be able to start your business and this delay is likely to cost you a lot of money. Also, you are sure to be frustrated with the process and may even consider giving up the whole idea of starting a company in Singapore. This could mean losing a very important opportunity to develop and expand your business.

Expert Help

On the other hand, if you have the assistance of professionals in Singapore company incorporation, you will find that the entire process is taken care of expertly and that there is no need for undue delay or worry. Professionals in the field will know exactly what the procedure is and what documentations are required. If your case needs any special consideration, professionals will be in the best position to guide you and help you find a solution. Although, you will surely need to pay a professional fee to the experts, company incorporation in Singapore does not very long. But, if you are unaware of the exact procedures and document requirement, you will end up spending a lot of time and effort in getting these aspects correct. Considering the large number of formalities required, it could take you months to complete a procedure that would normally take just a few weeks. In the meantime, you will not actually be able to start your business and this delay is likely to cost you a lot of money. Also, you are sure to be frustrated with the process and may even consider giving up the whole idea of starting a company in Singapore. the value of their assistance in the process of Singapore company incorporation is so great that you will find the fee negligible.

Lcc global a leading business solution provider offering services for Company Formation In Singapore, Full on professional assistance and service in incorporation, Singapore Company Incorporation and relaxation in tax, audit also.


Guide for Singapore Education

In Singapore, the educational system to gain international reputation and is well known to produce students strong in math and science. There are about 80,000 foreign students from 120 countries in the Singapore education system, out through the local public schools, private international schools, three local universities, the best international universities with campuses in Madrid and polytechnics.

Our main goal is to provide a brief overview of educational options available to their children in Singapore for the selection of a school can not be a difficult decision. We will discuss in this article about the number of different factors including the type of curriculum, quality of education, location, fees, admission requirements, and of course the potential waiting list.
Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education (K-12)
K-12 is the main title of the students in preschool, primary and secondary schools. In some countries this is also known as primary, secondary and high school levels.

K-12 offers two different options for children of expatriate families:
1) The local public school system: local schools, mainly catering to Singapore. While some local school system is open to children of families of expatriates are moving into a dependent visa.
2) private international schools: the choice of private international schools is made by the families of expatriate families.
Best local schools

Edupoll is a guide to online education launched in 2004 which focused on quality education in Singapore and countries around the world. Currently there are 179 government and government aided primary schools in Singapore. Based on a study Edupoll, the top 5 among the 179 primary schools are:
1. Nanyang Primary School
2. Rosyth School
3. Tao Nan School
4. Raffles Girls Primary School
5. Henry Park Primary School

There are 161 secondary schools in Singapore. Top 5 high schools, also based on the survey Edupoll are:
1. Raffles Institution
2. Raffles Girls Secondary School
3. Hwa Chong Institution
4. Dunman High School

For children who go directly dependent may apply for admission to local schools. The following are some important points expatriate families consider when deciding whether to send their children to a local school are:
1. The cost of sending your child to a local school, is significantly less than sending your child to an international school.
2. Curriculum of local schools, such as teaching style and is probably very different from that in the student’s home country, therefore it will be necessary academic adjustments.
3. Foreign students are also given the lowest priority in the admissions process, therefore, enter one of the best schools can be very difficult.
4. More stress on local schools is on tests and grades that are often criticized for being simple tests of memory rather than knowledge.
5. Local schools offer the best opportunity to learn the local culture and language and adapt to local society.
International School System
According to these schools, the local curriculum or the language is not necessarily required. Singapore is home to a sizeable population, both expatriates and some excellent international private schools.

Singapore international schools offer either an internationally recognized diploma high school or high school diploma recognized in a specific country. As most of these children attend a foreign university upon completion of their K-12 education this should be considered in the mind.

Most international schools in Singapore offer the International Baccalaureate diploma, high school (diploma). A Diploma Program is an ongoing worldwide leader in college access. It is taught in schools 2075, often in international schools in 125 countries around the world. The Diploma Programme curriculum consists of six courses, a 4,000-word essay, participation in the Theory of Knowledge, and a requirement of at least a total of 150 hours of creative action, and Service (CAS). Marks are awarded from 1 to 7 for each subject with 7 being the highest. To receive an IB Diploma, candidates must receive along with these sinimum 24 points.

Most international schools use English as the main teaching in Singapore. Some international schools have a strict level proficiency in English as part of admission criteria, while other schools (for example, the Overseas Family School, the Canadian International School) specializing in student enrollment that are not yet as efficient in English. Certain other international schools (eg The Japanese School, French School) offer a specific curriculum taught in each country’s national language.

High School
Having students of international schools ranging from a few hundred to a thousand. Although the quality of education is generally high among international schools in Singapore, the relative quality level can vary significantly from one school to another. The top English medium international schools include:
1. United World Class Southeast Asia
2. Tanglin Trust School
3. Singapore American School

Expatriates planning to enroll your child in a school community must take into account:
1. The annual school fees in international schools in Singapore can be quite high, from $ 8,000 to S $ S 30,000.
2. The policies of international education in schools emphasize creativity and individual needs of students and focus less on exams.
3. Children in international schools have the opportunity to develop a global perspective in a school with no dominant racial, national or religious discrimination.
4. Compared with local schools, international schools have smaller classes.
5. International schools as a haven for families relocating often, students have to deal with losing friends who may soon leave the school and his family moved out of Singapore.

Higher education
Post-secondary education or tertiary education, also known as higher education is not compulsory level of education after completing secondary education. Higher education is normally taken to include undergraduate and graduate education, as well as education and training. The main institutions offering higher education are schools and universities. Examples of institutions offering post-secondary education are vocational schools, community colleges and universities. More education results in the receipt of certificates, diplomas or degrees.
There are currently more than 80,000 international students from over 120 countries in various higher education programs in Singapore. These are mostly Asian students who seek a quality education close to home as well as students from the U.S., Europe and even as far afield as Nigeria seeking a global education experience in an Asian country of diverse cultures .
Before pursuing higher education in Singapore, the children of expatriates to apply as international students, including dependent pass holders to ensure a Student Pass.

Local Universities
University of Singapore offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs and provide Singapore, with a highly qualified professional workforce. Students receive a diploma after three to four years of full-time study after in the workplace or, if the results are exceptional, you can proceed to graduate programs.
There are three major public universities in Singpaore. These are the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University. These universities are known worldwide for its quality education. The local private universities in Singapore have also built a reputation for academic excellence. One of the best private institutions in Singapore is the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).
Fees for universities differ. Registration fees range from $ 120 to $ 700, while annual rates ranging from programs $ 12,000 to $ 34,000, depending on the courses and the school.

National University of Singapore
The National University of Singapore (NUS) has 14 faculties and schools, of which nine offer courses leading to the lower grades and higher, namely Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computer Science & Environment Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Science. The National University of Singapore has been ranked among the Top 20 and Top of the World 3 universities in Asia in the QS World University Rankings 2006 conducted by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES). The National University of Singapore shared second place in Asia and nineteenth overall with the University of Tokyo.

Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is organized in four universities and two autonomous institutions: S Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSI) and National Institute of Education (NIE). The four schools are the School of Engineering, School of Business School of Science and Humanities Faculty. UNT Qualifications are recognized by relevant professional institutions both locally and internationally.

Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University (SMU) is Singapore’s first private university to offer American-style university. It is based at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The SMU has six schools, the School of Accounting, School of Business, the School of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Information Systems and the Faculty of Law.

On April 1, 2006, NUS, NTU and SMU became autonomous universities, allowing them to chart their own strategies for success in education. In recent years there has been an expansion of the breadth and diversity of the local higher education, with the addition of more universities and specialized institutes ranging from hotel, restaurant and digital arts, sports, e-learning and business training.

Foreign Institutes
Many leading foreign universities in the world have established their presence in Singapore. These foreign universities or leaders have established a physical campus (institutes of higher education) or joint partnerships / programs with local universities (local tie-ups). These schools aim to provide the same level and quality of education students receive in the country of the university.

The main international institutions in Asia Campus located in Singapore are:
1. Insead
2. University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
3. SP Jain Center of Management
5. DigiPen Institute of Technology
6. University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLY)
7. New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia

University of Singapore, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University also have joint programs with more than 16 institutions around the world. There are also specialized in Singapore, foreign institutions that either have established offices here or have tie ups with local polytechnics, which allow polytechnic students to pursue a degree related courses after completing their degrees at polytechnics.

There are currently five polytechnics in Singapore:
1. Singapore Polytechnic
2. Ngee Ann Polytechnic
3. Temasek Polytechnic
4. Nanyang Polytechnic
5. Republic Polytechnic

6The objective polytechnic to train students with relevant skills and specific to the workplace to give Singapore a competitive edge as it moves towards a knowledge-based economy. Singapore polytechnic graduates are valued as practice-oriented and middle-level professional knowledge, highly sought by industry.

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