Foreign spouses not counted for foreign worker quota/levy?

Credited to The Online Citizen on October 4, 2012

By Leong Sze Hian -

I refer to the Ministry of House Affairs reply “Help accessible for foreign spouses” (Right now, Oct 3) to the letters “Make it less complicated for foreign spouses of citizens to sink roots” (Sept 26) and “Please make immigration policies more pro-family” (Oct 1, online).


Not counted in foreign worker quota and no levy

It states that “Foreign spouses on a Long-Term Check out Pass (LTVP) can apply for perform passes if they wish and there are concessions to facilitate their employment.

They are not counted against the foreign worker quota of the company that employs them or topic to the foreign worker levy.

We have produced it less complicated for LTVP+ holders looking for employment. Their potential employer will apply to the Ministry of Manpower for a letter of consent, as an alternative of a work pass, for them. These issued one particular will not be counted against the company’s foreign worker quota nor subjected to the foreign worker levy”.

One more loophole to employ far more foreigners?

Is this not yet another loophole for employers to go around the foreign worker quota, dependency ratio and foreign worker levy?

Is this why we sometimes see companies with more foreign workers than what the regulations supposedly permit?

How numerous foreign spouses on LTVP are there?


Less expensive to employ LTVP than Singaporeans?

It could also be much less costly to employ foreign spouses on LTVP compared to Singaporeans, simply because not only do you save 16 per cent on the employer’s CPF contribution, but also the foreign workers levy.  


Applying letter of consent less complicated?

Is applying for a letter of consent less onerous in terms of the procedure or eligibility criteria, and so on, compared to applying for a perform pass? If so, then the playing field could not be level, vis-a-vis competitors with Singaporeans, when we on the 1 hand say that we are curtailing the influx of foreign workers, but maybe however on the other hand may possibly be not counting foreign spouses on LTVPs?


Foreign university interns also not counted?

The other loophole that I realize that is not counted in the foreign worker quota or levy, are foreign university interns who are either studying in Singapore, or come to Singapore from another country’s university on a typical 6-month internship.


Depressing Singaporeans’wages?

As I have seen such foreign university interns working for about only $ 450 a month, they could be depressing the wages as properly as competing with Singaporeans for jobs.

How numerous foreign university interns are there in Singapore?


Counted in MOM and DOS statistics?

Lastly, are these LTVPs and interns integrated in the foreign labour statistics given by the Ministry of Manpower and the Division of Statistics?

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