Critical for Singapore to continue to have a reliable news source: Chee Hong Tat

SINGAPORE: In the current environment where things happen very fast, it is critical for Singapore to continue to have a national broadcaster that people can turn to as a credible and reliable source of news.

Chee Hong Tat, Minister of State at the Ministry of Communications and Information, said this during a visit to Mediacorp on Saturday (Jan 28) to thank staff for working on the first day of the Chinese New Year and the good work carried out in the past year.

“I think it’s critical for us to continue to have a credible national broadcaster that Singaporeans can turn to as a credible and reliable source of news, and also to understand what’s happening around them both locally and (in) the region,” said Mr Chee.

He added that this is where a national broadcaster like Mediacorp can play a very important role: “We have to continue to work with Mediacorp, support capability developments so that we’re able to bring good quality programmes (and) good quality news through different platforms – whether it’s broadcast TV or online.”

Mr Chee also said that the Government will continue to work with Mediacorp in various areas such as in the digital space, looking at how to build up capabilities to be able to produce good quality content and news reports to strengthen Mediacorp’s role as Singapore’s national broadcaster.

“I think Mediacorp has done well in bringing good quality news and entertainment programmes to Singaporeans and now with news and entertainment shifting online, we have to continue to work hard to build up capabilities, on our online digital capabilities, so that we’re able to continue to reach out to Singaporeans through this platform,” he said.

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The Way To Setup A Retail Business In Singapore, News By Company Incorporation Specialist

In several cases putting in place a retail business in Singapore is comparatively straight forward. The nature of your retail business and therefore the space typically determine whether you’ll would like license and allow to operate. In spite of everything, you may would like to secure a premise for your retail operation first.
The premise has to be zoned for commercial use. You’re not allowed to use residential premises for any retail activities. Then, you may register your business with the Accounting and Company Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). Your business, though retail, must register as a sole proprietorship, partnership or a private limited company.
Once you have secured a retail area do build sure that it’s current on building codes and fire safety measures. If you propose to renovate the look, you’ll would like to use for a building work allow through Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA). Whereas waiting for the building works approval, you will also need to get from BCA: a Certificate of Statutory Completion and a Temporary Occupation Allow before you can occupy the space. All renovation works are to be performed by certified or licensed contractors as well as architects. Nearly all retail outlets have a signage for their businesses. You may need to use for an Advertisement License from BCA to put a signage on a building.
You need not be concerned if the space is already set up for retail; otherwise, you’ll want to liaise with the landlord to convert the present space into a retail one. Oftentimes it simply requires an application for Modification of Use allow from Urban Redevelopment Authority. You’ll also need the mandatory licenses or permits if your retail business involves food, animal products, medicine and etc. The 3 main Singapore government agencies that preside many of these licenses are National Atmosphere Agency, Agri-food and Veterinary Authority and Health Sciences Authority.
You may want to get your retail merchandise from wholesalers in Singapore or you’ll import your own goods. For more information on importing merchandise, please see our article To Apply for License and Permits to Import Goods into Singapore. You’ll, after all, want employed help to help you in selling your goods. Ministry of Manpower determines, on a case-by-case basis, if you qualify to rent foreign workers. All foreign workers operating in your retail business must have valid employment passes or visas. Consequences for failure to comply with employment regulation include fines and imprisonment.
For foreigners who are curious about putting in place a retail business in Singapore, it might be helpful to hunt workplace that makes a speciality of incorporating businesses in Singapore. It is, after all, necessary to have interaction a law or an corporate services agency to include a business in Singapore with ACRA.

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Some News About Westwood

Lee Westwood experienced completely discovered through the majors, he was really self-confident in name drought of British available held around the finish with the year.

No a single can go with the gamers Worksop, who has entered the best 3 of 5 occasions inside previous 7 races with the majors. Two many years ago, Lee – Westwood is really near to victory at Turnberry. He nearly features a playoff, and regrettably he three-putted the final hole. inside playoff Stewart Cink beat Tom Watson, the last victory.

No doubt, Lee Westwood’s has abundant experience. His 18-year’s career, which includes 7 occasions to represent with the European to show up at the Ryder Cup. But he admitted he discovered a beneficial lesson that day. “I remember exactly where I am accomplishing a specific thing wrong.” Lee Westwood said, “I distracted, I have targeted around the instant with the match the entire week. however the final hole, I started to wish to acquire the game, I putt a poor ball via holes 8, 9 feet, but you discovered a lesson through the experience. Just tiny elements the fact that proper time to hold out the proper thing. only a really tiny tiny particulars will make you more than the line, I really feel I have to retain accomplishing a similar thing, do not do as well superb adjustments, just some little improvements can be close to for it.

“My report inside majors really well, I obtained 5 best 3 more than the final 7 games, it is truly a marvelous record. I’m only a lack of the big championship, I really productive around the British available the previous two years, I wish this time I can in to the first. “

Lee Westwood completed next in St Andrews final year, in fact, his standing has long been pretty stable. This may be the purpose of he can climb the world’s very first final November. But now, Lee Westwood is fall at the rear of Luke Donald, the next place.

Last 7 majors, Lee Westwood’s lowest place may be the U.S. available final year, tied for 16th. Obviously, that’s not actually bad. In fact, final month, he won the 3rd in Congress. But that game, he watched McIlroy accomplished a very first victory who is more than his tiny 16-year-old. Lee Westwood do not wish to allow this sort of a failure impact their mood, he mentioned now pretty searching forward to his arrival ta property Grand Slam.

Since the U.S. Open, Lee Westwood has not attended any game. He invested some time to appropriate his swing. He gave up the French available on this week, he programs to occur back again on following week’s Scottish Open.

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Ratha Yatra 2014 Singapore on Zee Tv News

Hare Krishna!

This year has been another special year with Zee Tv covering Ratha Yatra 2014 on their daily news segment.

Sri Krishna Mandir would like to thank everyone who participated in helping make this Festival of Lord Jagannatha a grand success.

Jai Jagannatha!

Singapore news: The rat busting operation at Bukit Batok MRT Station

Singapore news: The rat busting operation at Bukit Batok MRT Station continues. Rats were seen coming out of their burrows and scampering freely around the pest buster

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Singapore News: Pay Respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore news: “It’s a small time to give up to pay respects to someone who’s dedicated his whole life to this cause”: Bianca Lam, 28, who has been living in Singapore for the past 5 years
Source: Channel NewsAsia Singapore

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Chandrababu & Team Singapore Tour | AP Capital Plan : TV5 News

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